Calm Confident Kids

My career and personal passion as a foster carer, teacher and therapist has always been about boosting children’s self-esteem, helping them relax and feel good about themselves. I love encouraging imagination and creativity and giving them the tools they need to be happy, relaxed, calm and confident young people.

I use a range of approaches that will appeal to your child’s unique personality and learning style. These include Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Games, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Story Massage, Mindfulness and Reiki

These approaches can help children in the following areas:

  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • Focus and concentration at home and school
  • Stress and anxiety (eg in relation to exams or bullying)
  • Managing change, anger and other emotions
  • Sleep
  • Bereavement


Parents and carers of children under 16 are asked to stay present during all therapy sessions.

I also work on a 1:1 basis with children in schools to work through difficult emotions, feelings and behaviours.

Please contact me on 07867 520 442 for further information or send me a message at

Reiki, Mindfulness and Story Massage workshops and classes for children in Reiki, Mindfulness and Story Massage take place in West Lothian and across Scotland. 




“Thanks again Aly for a great kids Reiki. It has given my daughter such a boost and she has come a long way.”

“Thank you so much Aly, After just one session my daughter is now sleeping in her own bed and happy to go into school on her own. She says she loved everything especially cuddles with Paddy and the relaxing story (meditation) you told”